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I’m a little sad today because I just finished the last book in a trilogy that I loved – the Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy by Nora Roberts. Let’s just throw it out there that reading Nora Roberts is like reading James Patterson. It’s commercial. It’s mass produced. It’s widely read and HUGELY loved. Nora Roberts is the ultimate romantic and her books constantly make me fall in love.


The Perfect Hope is a story about a B&B {bed & breakfast} innkeeper and the B&B’s owner’s son. They are an unlikely match but something pulls them together despite their best efforts. The story is about them falling in love, how it happens, how they resist it and how badly they want it. It’s about finding the perfect mate and learning to recognize those undefinable qualities in someone else.

What makes this book stand out above other romance novels is Roberts’ realistic approach…

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So I’d meant to post this on Valentine’s Day, and then things got hectic. But it’s still February – we may as well call it the month of love – and it’s never too late for a little love, right?

A Little Book of Kisses

In the celebration of love of this month, I am reminded that I love my job(s) and I am incredibly lucky to lead the life I love. Love for my family and friends and fellow writers! Love for the wonderful people who encourage, support, and make my writing possible.

Valentine’s Day was a great reminder to celebrate all of the things and people that I love, not just one day a year, but every day.

Open Book of KissesI am chugging along reading the YA/NA books I picked up at the library. Three and a half down, six and a half to go… I am trying desperately to finish them before March begins…

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The Best Place By The Fire

They were at their feasting when she came to their door. Kings, queens, nobles and knights; they ate together but watched each other with suspicious eyes. Even when all glasses were raised in a toast, none allowed the wine to pass their lips until they could see that their host had swallowed his.

Silence fell as she walked in, blood covering her fine white dress, soaking through her hair, her arms stained all the way up to her elbows. She walked the length of the hall to stand before the King’s high table.

“I have seen your doom,” she said quietly.

Taking it as a threat, the King’s guard sprang forward, unsheathing their swords. The King stilled them with a wave of his hand and leaned forward.

“Explain yourself, priestess,” he said.

She glanced contemptuously at the knights who were still poised to grab her.

“It surrounds you, even now…

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READER AT LARGE (formerly BookSexy Review)

TheRISEoftheShortStoryWelcome to The Rise of the Short Story:  a series dedicated to exploring the short story  and its current renaissance.  To that end – all during the month of February some of my favorite bloggers and podcasters will stop by to tell us why they love (or hate) short stories, why they think they’re back into vogue and to (of course!) recommend some of their favorites.

Inaugurated in Bristol, England in 2007, the Bristol Short Story Prize was created by the editors of the Bristol Review of Books (a quarterly magazine – and yes, that’s a lot of Bristols).  I learned about the prize thanks to RobAroundBooks.  Their goal is to… actually, they put it so well I’ll just let them tell you.  Here’s the list entitled “Our Aims” straight from their website.

  • To publish a brilliant short story anthology every year, full of fresh and original writing, and to…

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SEEing Miracles

Yesterday was a day for sharing “God-incidences” (thanks Anna for the term!)  I heard a number of fun stories from friends.  One friend was able to remember a name she didn’t think she knew right when she needed to.  Another was randomly given a bottle of raspberry-jalapeno jam after writing about it in an unpublished story, and discovered a new favorite food.  Another friend has a fun surprise coming her way that I know was inspired and for her.

Twice in the same week another friend was disappointed that they were out of stock on an item he planned to purchase, and through a weird glitch could not even get it ordered online through the same store.  Both times he found a better deal 10 minutes later at a store he had previously already checked for the item and not previously found it.

I love hearing other people’s stories.   Challenge: …

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The Personnes Noires

“Most days I wouldn’t mind being run over by a train..” She said absentmindedly

“Why would you say something so horrible!?” her associate gasped

“I didn’t realize I was speaking out loud. I’m sorry,”

“Don’t apologize to me, you just shouldn’t say things like that. Plus, it’s strange coming from you, you’re always so…strong

“Yeah, I know,”

“Then what’s this about?”

“Sometimes you get tired of being the one who’s strong…”

“It’s a big job,” she agreed.

She nodded.

…They continued their walk until she had arrived at her destination.

“Is there anything I can do to talk you out of this?” her associate said wringing her hands.

“No, I don’t think so,” she said taking a step closer

“I could run and get someone, they’ll come …”

“That won’t be possible,”

“Why not?” she asked confused

She walked onto the tracks and turned to face her associate “Because even if…

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